//PVC Clean™ Saddles

PVC Clean™ Saddles


The new Buckaroos Clean™ Saddle is an innovative insulation protection shield, made with durable PVC. It is designed as an indoor only pipe insulation support for Clevis hangers in food, pharmaceutical, medical and clean room building construction. The Clean Saddle™ can be totally sealed with PVC Weld Adhesive, which is ideal in food plants.

Product Description


• Excellent appearance – Standard bright white color gives
the piping system an impressive clean appearance.
• Easy to clean – Can be cleaned with a damp cloth to
look fresh and clean.
• No rust or corrosion – Will not rust or corrode like carbon
steel saddles over time.
• Low cost – Very inexpensive versus Stainless steel saddles.
• Totally Sealed System – When using Clean SaddlesTM with
Boss NSF Registered #150 Multi Seal, you have a totally
sealed system for steam wash downs in food plants.
Clean SaddlesTM also provide bacteria isolation.
• High Impact Strength – Clean SaddlesTM are produced
from 60 Mil thick PVC to 6” pipe insulation outside
diameter, and produced from 80 Mil PVC thickness
from 6.5” to 10” pipe insulation outside diameter.
• Each Saddle Marked – Each Clean SaddleTM has the size
stamped in for easy identifi cation.
• Excellent Chemical Resistance – Withstands extreme
chemical conditions.
• Multiple colors available – Colors like orange for ammonia
refrigeration lines is available.
• Available in high temperature – Clean SaddleTM HT gray is
available, which is good to 225° F.


PVC Clean™ Saddle Datasheet