About Us

Buckaroos is the leading innovator of insulated pipe support systems and pipe insulation protection shields. Our solutions simultaneously add value for building owners, increase productivity, and contribute to a safer work environment.

Additionally, the Buckaroos name has become the professional insulator’s best resource for insulation tools and equipment. Installers find our products stocked at mechanical insulation distributor locations across North America and Canada.

Buckaroos was founded in 1990 by Jeff Rebholz and Mack Deichman. Jeff soon after acquired Mack’s shares of the business. The company’s initial product offering was the original Buckaroo Support. It resembles a cowboy hat and provides support for insulated piping as it rides on a saddle, hence the company name, “Buckaroos”.

As years went on, Buckaroos began producing saddles with a unique flared edge to minimize damage to the vapor retarder. The Buckaroos saddle evolved one innovation at a time. Today, the Roundup Plus™ saddle is in a league of it’s own. It features rounded corners, short-ribs that center it over a hanger or rack, and peel-and-stick adhesive for securing to the insulation jacket. These features make it the safest, most installer friendly saddle that offers the best possible protection of the insulation system at support locations.

Top engineering firms and building owners are becoming more aware everyday that a saddle/shield along with a traditional wood or fiberglass block is not the best way to protect the integrity of an insulation system at support locations. Engineers are demanding that a 360°, factory-manufactured, insulated pipe support system is utilized at every support location. Flammable wood blocks or fiberglass blocks can act as a sponge when condensation occurs on a pipe surface. The CoolDry™ Insulated Pipe Support System is 25/50 flame smoke rated, water-resistant, and it offers rigid support and superior thermal performance for hot or chilled water systems in commercial buildings.

CoolDry™ is becoming the standard support method for insulated piping systems. Give us a call and ask how you can include it in your specifications.