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The CoolDry™ Heavy Duty Saddle is designed for dynamic chilled water and cold piping systems where excessive movement due to expansion and contraction create point loading concerns. It is recommended for roller hanger (see CoolDry™ Sliding Pipe Supports for a roller hanger alternative), trapeze and strut systems. It can be used outdoors if it is protected from the weather. These saddles meet MSS SP-58/69, Type 40 Shield criteria.

Product Features

  • A complete composite assembly for fast and easy installation
  • 360° of rigid Polyphen™ phenolic foam 3.75 PCF to 10″ IPS and 5 PCF for piping 11″ IPS to 30″ IPS provides excellent thermal efficiency and compressive strength.
  • The Polyphen™ phenolic foam insulation and facing each meet 25/50 Flame/Smoke ratings per ASTM E84 on a component basis, which makes the product ideal for piping running through air plenums, or projects demanding the 25/50 Flame/Smoke rating throughout the building.
  • An ASTM E96, Procedure A rated, Zero-Perm, puncture resistant glossy white vapor retarder for superior condensation control.
  • Pipe insulation and vapor retardant facing do not contribute to mold, mildew, bacteria, or fungus problems.
  • A Buckaroos® 180° heavy duty G-90 galvanized carbon steel insulation protection shield for maximum protection at the support locations.
  • For 6″ IPS and greater, the heavy duty insulation protection shield is reinforced with a 1/4″ thick structural A36 grade steel load bearing plate to reduce point loading on roller hangers, trapeze and strut support locations. The 1/4″ steel plate is protected with a high zinc galvanized coating.
  • Each unit has a genuine “Quick-Inspect” CoolDry™ sticker applied at the bottom of each saddle for easy job site engineer or inspector identification after application.

The CoolDry™ Heavy Duty Insulated Saddle is for use on piping 3″ NPS and greater on roller hangers, trapeze or struts. This product is ideal for refrigeration lines, chilled water lines, cold-process piping and thermal-cyclic systems where control of condensation is critical. This product can also be used for hot piping (up to 250°F) on domestic hot water and low-pressure steam lines. This product insures complete system integrity by eliminating compromised thermal performance at all hanger and support locations. The CoolDry™ Heavy Duty Insulated Saddle is ideal for use in schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, food plants, breweries, & pharmaceutical plants.

See also: CoolDry™ Sliding Pipe Supports, CoolDry™ Insulated Pipe Supports