Data Sheet

The safest, most efficient, and most effective way to control movement at hanger locations in a dynamic piping system.

Buckaroos® Sliding Saddles are unique saddles that allow controlled linear movement at hanger locations in a dynamic piping system. Sliding saddles are the ideal value engineering solution to costly roller hangers, which have a tendency to rust. A combination of Sliding Saddles, rigid insulation and clevis hangers, is economical and significantly more efficient. Each Sliding Saddle is labeled with a Sliding Saddle sticker for easy recognition on the job site.

The design includes two saddles. The upper is a heavy-gauge plain saddle that is adhered to the pipe insulation jacket with a peel-and-stick strip for easy installation. The lower saddle features the Buckaroos® Short-Rib design and rests securely in the clevis hanger. The Short-Rib Saddle has two small ribs on the bottom of the saddle that help to secure the saddle at a centered position as it rests on the hanger. On the top of the Short-Rib Saddle is a thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

The PTFE creates a very low coefficient of friction between the upper and lower saddles. Hence, the upper saddle is allowed to slide easily across the lower saddle as the pipe moves. Sliding Saddles ideal for any piping system that experiences thermal growth such as hot water, chilled water, steam, ammonia refrigeration, medical gas or dual-temperature.

Buckaroos® recommends installing Sliding Saddles in combination with a rigid insulation material as opposed to wood block supports. For operating temperatures of -290°F to 250°F a rigid phenolic foam is best. From 250°F to 1200°F, calcium silicate should be specified.

The traditional method of insulating at hanger locations with an insulation saddle and a supporting wood block is not effective when linear movement takes place in the system. As the pipe moves, the focus of where the weight of the pipe rests may change. The hanger may lose its centered position and relocate closer to either edge of the saddle. When this occurs, the wood block is no longer supporting the weight, and the fiberglass insulation is crushed. The area loses its insulation properties, the vapor barrier may be penetrated, and the saddle may fall to the ground, creating a safety hazard. A combination of rigid insulation inserts and Sliding Saddles will provide even weight distribution with or without linear movement.

As previously noted, traditional methods of insulating at hanger locations can provide an opportunity for the saddles to fall from the hanger and affect the safety of anyone below the pipe. Galvanized sheet metal falling from above can be compared to a knife or blade. Properly supported Sliding Saddles eliminate this hazard. The upper saddle will be able to move linearly without the fear of anything falling out of place.

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