Data Sheet

The Buckaroos® 58 Series Saddles are insulation protection shields that are specially sized to meet the recommended sizes as detailed in MSS SP-58 and MSS SP-69 for Type 40 shields.

Features and Benefits

  • Formed from G-90 Galvanized Steel per ASTM A653 for long term rust protection.
  • Precise manufacturing tolerances per ASTM C585 yield exact outer diameter for a perfect fit.
  • Available in 18 gauge through 12 gauge metal thickness.
  • Individually marked with the insulation outer diameter for easy job-site identification.
  • Available as a 2-piece upper/lower unit for complete self-clamping 360­° insulation protection.

Nominal Pipe Size Shield Gauge Shield Length
1/2″ – 3 1/2″ 18 GA 12″
4″ 16 GA 12″
5″ & 6″ 16 GA 18″
8″ – 14″ 14 GA 24″
16″ – 24″ 12 GA 24″

Note: Sizing based on Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) and not insulation outer diameter.

The above table is based upon insulation compressive strength of 15 P.S.I. in clevis hangers. Higher compressive strength insulations can result in shorter saddle lengths. Consult your project specification.