Which Tacker can be used on a duct board application?

The best Staple Gun for use on a duct board application is the G-5 Outward Clinch Tacker. The G-5 Tacker shoots the heavy gauge STCR5019 Staples. Also available for use on duct board is the L3-CS Outward Clinch Tacker and the L3-OCA Pneumatic Staple Gun.

What is the difference between the G-26 Staple Gun and the G-5 Staple Gun?

The G-26 Outward Clinch Tacker shoots the STCR-2619 type fine wire staple. Most commonly used by Industrial Insulators for stapling down ASJ Facing on Insulated Pipe. The outward clinch staple will not penetrate through the insulation.

The G-5 Outward Clinching Tacker shoots the STCR-5019 Heavy Gauge Staple. This Tacker is used in the HVAC & Sheet Metal Workers for use on Duct Board Applications.

What is the difference between the STCR 2619 Staple and the STCR 5019 Staple?
As stated earlier the STCR 2619 Staple is for use with the G-26 Outward Clinching Tacker, while  the STCR 5019 Staple is used in the G-5 Outward Clinching Tacker. The STCR 2619 is a fine wire staple available in 3/8” & 1/2” lengths. The STCR 5019 is a heavy gauge staple available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 9/16”.
Which tensioner is the best for use on Stainless Steel Banding?
The pistol grip tensioner is by far the most popular tensioner used by insulators in the field.  The pistol grip tensioner is economical, lightweight and is capable of being used with both 1/2” & ¾” Stainless Steel Banding.  What kind of glue is used with the Metal and Plastic Adhesive Guns?  Our Adhesive Guns are for use with both PVC Glue & Rubber Adhesives